The vineyard has been in the same family for generations.



In the 19th century the Routourier family was exploiting the family property called Château Guilhem-Marceau in Cubnezais.


Albert and Rachel traded then sweet white wine with Great Britain and the Bordeaux’s wine market.

he barrels were transported by horses and delivered at the dock called “Port de Plagne” at Saint André de Cubzac, or by train to the Gueynard train station (nowadays called Gauriaguet).


Their son Rémy married in 1939 Irène MORANGE, who came from a family of wine producers in Marsas where Augustin and Madeleine were seasoned farmers. Together, they worked for the creation of the wine called Château des Nauves at the “La Croix de Merlet”.

 In 1960, they opened the doors of the vineyard to customers - an innovation in the profession. It was the beginning of a close relationship between the producer and the consumer.

Rémy and Irène’s son, Alain, began to work for the vineyard in 1979. A qualified oenophile  who graduated from the Faculty of Oenology of Bordeaux, he was soon in charge of the winemaking, mixing experience, modern techniques and respect of traditions. The first harvest for the wine Château Morange took place that year.


His sister Marylène joined him in 1980, and has been involved in the adventure as sales manager ever since.