A search of perfection, combining ancestral techniques, expertise and modern techniques, motivates a reasoned agriculture with moderate yields, in order to respect the environment.


The vineyard is planted with:


-          60% Merlot

-          30 % Cabernet Sauvignon

-          10% cabernet Franc


The density per hectare is 4500 vines, and the average age is 30 years old.


Treatment products are used at a minimum, and studied in order to not let any residual particle in wines. Respecting a policy of sustainable development, the vine shoots are collected and used for cooking the…”Beef in Bordeaux’s way” grill. The laths are attached together with the “vim” (wickers from the vineyard). Harvests are made mechanically or manually for oldest parcels.


Only the best lands are used for the wine production.

In order to respect osmosis between lands and vines, unused parcels are lands were pasture “Bazadais” beefs.


Marylène has wished to participate at a project of recovery of this race famous for its meet and representative of the South West of France. It produces an excellent quality meet praised by Michelin-starred Parisian restaurants.


The manure obtained from this breeding is applied in the vines – natural soils – still in the ecological and political respect of sustainability.


The hillsides exposed to the south enjoy sunny conditions which benefit to a good maturation of the grapes. The crucial moment of harvesting is decided by the biological analysis made by Alain. The date is chosen when all elements (sweetness, acidity) are balanced.


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